-------CSE=GOR with new informational video posted on ground in area of T-GBR gold discovery , located below

--------------------TSX-DEFN announces resource from 12+ million tonnes to 16+ million tonnes rare earths in BC CANADA near highway

-----------------TSX-GTT media reports, 1 year after NEWMONT GOLDCORP execs and NEWMONT GOLDCORP private placements, that GTT a Newmont Goldcorp target, mining industry veterans suspect GTT will be stand alone public entity as currently stands, has 3 gold copper deposits outlined, and 2 more targets as per news, CSE-GOR quietly has ground adjacent new QUASH PASS target

------TSX-MVT announces drilling to commence near NEWMONT GOLDCORP BALMERTOWN MINE and Red Lake gold mines

------------------------------TSX-MKR with more adjacent ground acquired, with historic gold sniffs

------------TSX-GAME more legendary race car drivers join the ESPN weekend online race gaming broadcasts

--------------------TSX-DEFN announces ex-CiA leader to Board, ex- TESLA appointee also

---------------TSX-DEFN, TSX-PWM, TSX-UCU rare earths, only CSE-GoR with no team as yet and historic resource in Quebec not moving

--------------TSX-MKR gold intercept in TIMMINS AREA, get your TIMMINS GOLD PROJECT EBAY HERE

------------------------CSE-GOR gold prospect adjacent top trading TSX-BTU and south of T-GBR gold discovery

------------------BANK OF AMERICA gold analysts predict gold will trade to US$3000 within 18 months, as "..governments cannot print gold..."

--------------------Q-NFLX announces 16 million NEW subscribers in quarter

-----------CSE-GOR with Niobium historic deposit in Quebec, Niobium used in SPACEX Inconel steel alloy, expected to be used in MARS and Moon spaceships, TRUMP also signed Order that USA companies unfethered right to mine Moon and all other celestial bodies, CSE-GOR run by Tennessee born mining man

--------------------CSE-MVT acquires ground adjacent TSX-CCB high purity graphite

------------------------------------Coronavirus type stocks, Q-RBGPF, Z-CLX, Z-WMT, Q-COST, Q-LBLCF , C-LOAN hand sanitizer

--------------------------------Z-CLX maker of cleaners, all time high tapped morning of 2020-03-18,

-----------------Q-LVMHF announces production and selling of hand gels similar to Purell due to shortages

CSE-MVT acquires ground adjacent TSX-AZM new Gold Discovery known as the ELMER, TSX-AZM also pp of $6 million.

----TSX-BTU with large area of mineralization drilling to pinpoint any high grade zones and zone open in all directions, CSE-GOR with ground adjacent on south, east, west

------TSX-VGD acquires 100% on ground adjacent TSX-DOS 3km away from TSX-AZM, CSE-MVT has 30 day DD period on ground adjacent TSX-AZM and TSX-DOS

T-----------------TSX-PST acquires ground 12km from TSX-DOS

TSX-AZM drills 100 meters+ of 3+g/t gold in Quebec, TSX-DOS adjacent 

-----------------------, T-GBR announces more gold results and gold results from new zone, plus royalty spin out dividend company to shareholders

------------------------------------TSX-BTU reports 44 meters of silver copper values

--------------SPACE FORCE money approved, TSX-DEFN up ticking with volume, reports 2 more holes with long intercepts, over 80+ meters and 120+ meters

--------------------------T-GCM 200,000+ ounces gold per year production from Colombia gold mines

-----------T-WM with more gold results in drilling

----------------------------------------------------------------------------T-GBR adds drills to drill 200,000 meters on gold discovery

------------------------------TSX-DEFN drills additional 3+% LREO across 80+ meters

-----------------TSX-BTU with first holes discovery south of T-GBR, drilling ongoing, more rumors, top trader, geophysical anomalies--- possible big short opportunity

------------------------TSX-GTT receives $8+ million financing from NEWMONT GOLDCORP NYSE-NEM

-------------TSX-DEFN DRILLS 4.4% LREO across 83 meters

------------------------------------Q-LVMHMF, Q-LVMHUY takeover of Tiffany and Co. $16 Billion deal

---------------------------------------------------------------------TSX-DEFN drills 126 meters of  2.82% LREO

----------------------------------------------CSE-GSPR idrills a second hole at Palladium occurrence from visual results of first hole

TSX-DEFN reports 105 meter intercept averaging 3.12% TREO

-----------CSE-GSPR drilling Palladium occurrences, very early stage, TSX-PST negotiating on ground adjacent with historic Palladium placer mining

--------------------TSX-DEFN drills 64 meters averaging 4.32% Total rare earth oxides, more results to come

T-WM drilling pluton hosted gold in Quebec, TSX-PST negotiating on ground in area

TSX-DEFN with 85.7% recovery of TREO, awaiting now drill results from test holes into historic Rare Earth resource, in BC western Canada

TSX-BMK more gold results from ontario deposit, new zones reported intersected

----------------TSX-GTT announces more NEWMONT GOLDCORP related appointees as Directors and Officers and Management, announces to develop deposits

------------------TSX-GBR with more gold results, 125 meter intercept within a 235 meter intercept, plus more zones identified for drilling

TSX-DEFN announces awaiting assay results from confirmation drilling of resource, rare earth mineral resource, carbonatite hosted

-----------------NYSE-NEM, TSE-NGL opens Borden Gold Mine Ontario, NYSE-NEM proactive in Canada first time in 25 years, aggressive financing TSX-GTT

----------------TSX-DEFN news drilling extends zone 100m, increases resource by 40%, long intercepts, awaiting assays, new zone intercepted

--------------------------------------TSX-DEFN 30 tonne bulk sample processed with average grades, 4+% total REE

--------------------TSX-GTT more gold results, long depth to zone, 1.2 kilometers,

-----------------------------TSX-DEFN news update on drilling, drilling mineral resource REE, rare earths,

--------T-GBR halted traded at new highs friday, gold in Ontario, tie on are TSX-RGLD previously PIVT, TSX-PST, TSX-BTU

-------------------TSX-DEFN with 43-101 Mineral Resource currently of 11,370,000 tonnes averaging 1.14% Ce, 0.53% La, 0.23% Nd, 1.96% LREE 

----------------TSX-DEFN drilling rare earth deposit in BC Canada, by highway, current top rare earth grade and deposit in North America, and MAGA acceptance will most likely be supplier for US NAVY UFO

Q-ROKU continual growth with subscribers, do your sue diligence

------------------------------TSX-GTT announces another NEWMONT GOLDCORP officer appointed to GTT board

--------TSX-BBB with long intercept gold copper discovery in NW BC and Sprott financing

-------------------Q-MTCH subscribers grow by 28% in Q2 2019 compared to previous year Quarter, trading all time highs $90+, on site at $27 in 2017.

---TSX-GTT appoints NEWMONT-GOLDCORP top man to board, huge discovery in zone that hosts several porphyry Copper Gold deposits, ASX-NCM red chris mine about 50km to SE,

-----------------TSX-WHN, more gold results from gold discovey 3 hours from Vancouver BC by highway, 52+ meters averagig 5+g/t Gold

------US NAVY patenting new flight vehicle, breaks quantum physics laws, may explain recent flurry of UFO sightings and release of same to public

----------------------------T-WDO produces 22,000+ ounces gold Q2, do due dilligence 

----------------------------------------------------------------T-GPR 39,000+ AuEq in Q2, mines in Brazil and Mexico, do due diligence 

-------------------T-ELD produces 90,000+ ounces Q2

-T-GPY to restart mining of historic deposit in Yukon, quite north but still south of T-TMR, BUT was open air heap leach technology at the time, financing $6 million

--------------Gold producers Z-NEM, T-KL, T-ABX, ASX-NCM, T-YRi,T-WPM, Smaller producers T-K, T-RNX, TSX-KNT, T-TMR, more to be posted and best juniors

---------------------------  TSX-HAWK LOSSES GROUND adjacent ASX-NCM red chris mine, no assets 

----------TSX-NTM announces Potash asset acquisition in USA, historic resources, ground only titled to September 2019.

=======================TSX-GGi continuing drilling on nickel discovery in northern BC

-----------------------------------------TSX-LBB.P anti trump management

-----------TSX-FLWR $120+ million financing for cannabis operations, continues to be top selling products at BC Cannabis retail official government store

--TSX-HAWK announces reveiwing additional ground in area of ASX-NCM and TSX-GTT

------------------------------------------TSX-WHN commences work on gold discovery near Vancouver just off highway

------------------------T-WM more gold intercepts at underground mine in Quebec

TSX-HAWK with 2 kilometer long favourable geology with copper gold adjacent ASX-NCM, and TSX-GTT, copper gold mine and GTT over $840 million by NEWMONT Goldcorp and AUSSIE Miner ASX-NCM

---TSX-GTT announces 10,000 meter drill program at copper gold discoveries west of NEWCREST (ASX-NCM) RED CHRIS MINE, TSX-HAWK adjacent RED CHRIS with copper gold discovery November, also reviewing ground east of GTT, super geologist team, discoverers and VP of GTT discoveries!

-----------------T-ALEF plants first outdoor cannabis crop in Canada

tSX-XiM USA IR firm to start June 17, news June 13 "...positioning Ximen to become British Columbia's next significant gold producer.." no mine permit applications

TSX-UCU, TSX-LL, T-AVL, rare earths trading up, some are advanced others like TSX-NTM historic occurrences that need more work

-TSX-FLWR receives NASDAQ listing approval, cannabis products popular at official government cannabis store in British Columbia, major supplier

--------Bloomberg and Chinese media  report veiled threat by Xi of China to ban rare earths exports to USA, World, TSX-NTM with rare earths project in Canada

.-TSX-NTM stakes ground adjacent TSX-GTT

--TSX-GTT announces NEWMONT GOLDCORP $17.6 million financing for BC gold discovery

-TSX-RDU gold intercepts in Mexico, over 650 meter strike length

---U-EL 3rd Quarter net sales to US$3.74 BILLION, net revenue US$555 MILLION up from US$374 MILLION prior year 

--------------------------------------Q-AAPL US458 BILLION 1st quarter revenue

--Q-FISV with US$1.5 BILLION revenue 1st Quarter

--TSX-MXR with story news release after the fact, weeks, later, super short opportunity, stock overpriced to asset base, and management late with reporting

---Q-SNAP record revenues, sales, 1 year to debt extinguishing,

----CSE-PLTH big revenues from Las Vegas Cannabis retail complex, APRIL 30 yearlies upcoming

-----TSX-UNV, TSX-MXR, TSX-RSV management with anti-Trump statements, on short list

-CMCSA, FOX, DIS on market tear the past few weeks

--Q-TWTR increases revenues year over year, popular President Trump Platform

----------TSX-WM with gold intercepts announced

==TSX-CBG announces copper intercept, West of TSX-UNV 91.1 meter  historic copper intercept, title pending, and TSX-UNV adjacent to SE of TSX-CBG strike extension

 --TSX-SiC extends gold discovery to East and NE,  TSX-NTM with ground within 1.5km of drilling on East and NE

--CSE-WLLW closes $29 million private placement and merger, focused on synthetic cannabinoids replace opiods

--TSX-NTM  with Space Force Metals projects in Quebec and BC, Scandium, Copper, Cerium, Zirconium, and other Space Force metals

--TSX-PDL files preliminary short form prospectus, palladium platinum mine Ontario Canada

---TSX-AMX 248g/t gold across 0.8 meters in drill hole

----------TSX-AiiM promoting Ai exploration related application

-------T-PZA CDN$0.0713 monthly dividend Pizza Pizza Royalty 

--TSX-WHN announces drilling commences on gold discovery 3 hours from Vancouver by Highway, TSX-TAC with ground to the north and ground to south with new gold discovery announced in fall

---T-WM continues slow rise back to fall levels, gold deposit asset in Quebec acquired

---------------------------TSX-AMX wt more high grade gold intercepts announced

--TSX-WHN announces more gold intercepts from coquihalla highway porject less than 3 hours from Vancouver

-------NFLX increases monthly users in  annual audited Financials released

--TSX-FLWR to supply Shoppers Drug Mart

-ERRL coin on ethereum and etherplor contract sale open, USD$0.00020592 per ERRL plus USD0.00007207 BACK

--TSE-CNR, large oil via rail, now announced new technology to recycle plastic bags and combine with Alberta oil sands bitumen to create soap bar sized pellets to transport in container cargo to Asia where pellets will be turned to oil, the pellets can float if tanker sinks, avoids oil damage

---------------TSX-FLWR cannabis producer, most popular products in BC retail cannabis government shop as well as TSE-CRON (CRONOS recent ALTRIA deal)

---------------Z-DWT  new highs, with crude slumping looks to go higher? Cannabis coin ICO , Massachusetts announces retail cannabis sales start November 20, 2018

-how to buy 420 ERRL COIN ICO, CDN$120 MILLION initial coin offering for use of ERRL coin in CANADIAN retail Cannabis outlets

---420 ERRL COIN ICO initiated, symbol ERRL, token address is 

 on, CDN$120 million ICO, just add ICO purchase address 0x8890Be715F928e89382a7B11D48d48D1a67EC7E8 in your ETHERWALLET

  or you METAMASK, and token symbol is ERRL, USD$0.60 plus USD$0.17 equivalent gas buys 2,100 ERRL coins!
--TSX-GTT announced large copper gold intercepts at project last week, huge volumes from $0.70 to $1.50+
-------TSX-SiC announces first drill rig drilling on EASTERN TREND CSE-PiVT adjacent on EAST announced discovering of quartz veins 09-25

------420 ERRL coin  listed ico on 

--USA Canada Mexico trade agreement signed

------TSX-GGi announces drilling starts, with drilling to target new Nickel zones, TSX-ELT adjacent,, SPROTT financed

--------Z-SNAP Kardashian still using SNAP even after big news slamming new interface, as she asked her fans on SNAPCHAT how to motivate yourself to workout

------TSX-ELT announces staked ground 1km north of T-NMX, with unsampled pegmatites mapped on the ground.

--T-NMX announces closes $1.1BILLION in financings for worlds next lithium mine, whabouchi, in Quebec, only has 3km by 3km area, TSX-ELT with ground adjacent  ground for sale adjacent here, ground with mapped and unsampled pegmatites available for sale

----T-NMX announces $360 million financing for Lithium Mine, Whabouchi lithium mine, Softbank also purchased private placement earlier, and $350 million bond offering with  ground adjacent to West for sale

-----Q-NFLX adds 7.4 million new users in Q1, revenues grow 40% year over year and net income increases 62.9% year over year to US$290million

-T-RNX announces studying Nickel-Cobalt sulphate production from Dumont Nickel-Cobalt mine in Quebec, not production yet, for direct to Electric Vehicle battery makers

------Q-AAPL announces in talks with COBALT miners directly to supply cobalt for devices and EV Vehicles.

-----NYSE-EL announces 17% growth first quarter sales, $0.38/share quarterly dividend

------Q-MTCH announces revenue increases year over year, and TINDER subscribers up over 1 million from 4th quarter 2016

-----TSX-GGi announces 10.3 meter intreval assaying 8.3% Ni, and 4% Cu, mineralization to east,

------------Q-NFLX announces $14+ Billion 3rd quarter results, increased subscribers

------TSX-GGi announces 8+% Nickel across 15+ meters and multiple Nickel zones

-----T.NMX producing Lithium from Quebec Mine, 

--T-NMX producing battery grade Lithium from Quebec located Mine adjacent highway, 

----- NYSE-FMC signs deal with T.NMX to supply 8000 tonnes per year of Lithium Carbonate beginning 2018

---NETFLIX beats street predictions

---------Paris Climate Agreement to take effect November 4, 2016 

​-T.NMX new Lithium discovery adjacent proposed Lithium open pit mine viewable at this link

------T.NMX continues to discover new zones of Lithium bearing pegmatites out from the proposed open pit, small land position, Archean geology

------T.TMR receives mine permit, gold mine

----NMX announces more Lithium at world's next Lithium mine in discovery with discovery in drill holes, to southwest of deposit.

---TSX symbol AMY, proprietary metallurgical process extracts 100% Li and Co in first trial for Li ion battery recycling

-----Cenk Uygur Predicts Donald Trump Will Win Election 279-259 July 31, 2016

--USA TODAY -- Election 2016 is over. Trump won: David Mastio July 31, 2016

Nemaska Lithium announces 07/28/16 22/22 holes hit spodumene (Lithium mineral) 

Nemaska announces Lithium supply deal with Johnson Matthey​

Goldman Sacs December 2, 2015 "Lithium is the new gasoline"

***Apple hired a Google inventor who had been working on electric-vehicle charging

**BMO Looks For Gold To Hit $1,400/Oz, Silver Near $21   Thursday May 12, 2016 11:20


Not affiliated with President Trump, Trump 2020, Trump companies or foundations, nor the USA government, nor any other government, not affiliated with Republicans nor with Democrats


U-ALB and Globalist WIPO anti-Trump, Anti-American tirade.


Q-TSLA  really, the only electric vehicle manufacturer with several new giga factories, semi-truck and cybertruck added to line of family sedans, model 3, model s, model x and the soon to be released model Y

2. Albemarle Corporation- symbol NYSE - ALB  western worlds Lithium supplier, however directors, officers and Law Firm anti Trump, best to short the company into oblivion, and then a pro-Trump entity step in and acquire, this from Globalist WIPO action in 2016, see images below, 

$49.01US (08/16 $84.17) (08/12/16 $92.00+)

3. Nemaska Lithium Inc.- symbol TSX -NMX   OTCBB- NMKEF $1.9Billion NPV on Lithium proposed mine   $0.46CDN  (08/16 $1.17)....update 2019-02-19...NMX with several strange news releases the past few weeks, first cafeteria burns down, attempts force majuer? now announces Livent/FMC advance and agreement for Lithium can't be honoured....

​4. Tesla Motors-  NASDAQ symbol - TSLA

$211.00US  (08/16 $234.79)

​​6. FMC Corp., NYSE-FMC, announced deal to purchase 8000 tonnes of Lithium Carbonate from T.NMX, deliverable in 2018, very aggressive mining company,  now FMC in the play---anything can happen.

TWITTER ---- TWTR    Trading at $20 range, higher traffic volumes due to President Trump daily, multi postings, should reflect in ad sales, business combination possibilities.

TSX-HMX owned by American who owns 80+% of company, asset in Argentina bought from COEUR resumed production January 2017, and announces 200,000+ Silver ounces and 200+ Gold ounces produced first half of 2016--- cryptic news, but produced real ounces, $0.17.

T.HBM  Hudbay Minerals, Zinc Producer based in Canada several mining deals announced past few weeks with juniors, cash from operations for exploration, trading $8.50 range.

T.TV Trevali announced 07/21/2017 130+ million pounds of Zinc produced in Q2, top zinc production.


Top Sleeper Speculative stocks

TSX-MKR gold hits 25km west of Timmins, has historic gold in holes, depth may be issue, see how plays out, good values, and Timmins with gold sniffs always rewards explorers due to the Archean geology.

CSE-GOR niobium rare earth deposit in mining friendly Quebec, Niobium heat resistance to 2477 degrees perfect in alloy's used in aerospace, and space travel, as additive to steel, in alloys Inconel 750, Inconel 625 and Inconel 718, used in new SPACEX Dragon 2, projected to be used in spaeships for MARS programs, as multiple daily launches, Niobium adds to integrity of alloy. Historic 3.8 million tons drilled in 1960's, Niobium source from North America.

TSX-OGR gold in Sudan, 70% from sheikh, with ex-vp of Barrick as the operating mind.

TSX-GGM gold producer at historic mine in Quebec with more new gold drill results.


TSX-DEFN -----  TSX-DEFN is a  Threat to CHINA worse than Hong Kong. TSX-DEFN MAGA men want to send a F*$% YOU CHINA message by exploring North America’s Rare Earth Deposit near infrastructure and markets.

TSX-DEFN currently drilling the deposit, with CHINA looking on nervously, but CHINA cannot do anything as the TSX-DEFN deposit located in BC Canada, near highway and near rail transport and near toxic metals processing facilities already established, will never succumb to CHINESE GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

TSX-DEFN will send another MAGA F*$% YOU CHINA message if and when the Mineral Resource is re-established by drilling, by supplying the Canadian and the US Armed Forces and the FREE WORLD industries with mined and processed in AMERICA rare earths, reliable and dependable quality without CHINESE sabotage potential, a MAGA Company TSX-DEFN.

About the mineral resource, it is  an ovoid, steeply west-dipping intrusive carbonatite plug that is enriched in rare earth elements (REE). First discovered by T-TECK.A in 1986-87, after MAO made the declaration CHINA offers the world Rare Earths.

Today the message is TSX-DEFN offers the FREE WORLD RARE EARTHS.

REE-bearing minerals bastnasite-parasite (Ca-Ce-La-F carbonates) and monazite (a Ce-La phosphate) are disseminated quite uniformly throughout the Main Zone dolomite carbonatite intrusive plug. This is similar to California’s Mountain Pass Mine- OWNED AND RUN BY CHINESE GOVERNMENT!

A Mineral Resource of 11,370,000 tonnes averaging 1.14% Ce, 0.53% La, 0.23% Nd, 1.96% LREE total .

Gold Producers have doubled on Canadian markets since March 2019, s of July 2019, some speculative juniors with assets explored during the 2009-2012 gold run, have seen financings by Cannacord Capital, which has been dormant on gold financings until 2019, and Cormark securities similarily, Sprott continues to dominate financings of new gold discoveries and gold speculative deals with potential, stay tuned for new junior opportunities under 10 cents with quality assets.

TSX-GTT now with Newmont-Goldcorp top executive as board member, huge gold copper discoveries about 50km NW of Red Chris Mine, recently ASX-NCM paid $1 billion CDN to own 70% of the operating mine, has over 20+ million ounces gold reserves.

TSX-BBB makes long intercept discovery of gold and copper in NW BC, Sprott finances, in the mineral rich golden triangle of BC.

T-GPY- to restart mining of historic deposit in Yukon, at the time was outdoor heap leach and the mine is in Yukon, NE of Dawson City, still lower geographically than T-TMR mine, but TMR utilizing enclosed mill, plant. GPY announced $6 million financing was a darling in 2009-2012 gold market with discovery in Yukon, which is SE and remote of the minesite, several 100km's, visit company for info, go long or go short, do your due dilligence.

AAAA.   T-CNR  ANNOUNCES OVER 281,000 barrels per day crude oil shipments in Canada, and pilot plant for 10,000 barrels per day of plastic bag reccycling combintion with Alberta Bitumen to create soap sized pellets for dry cargo shipping, product will float if tanker capsizes, if pilot plant success, then 50,000 barrel per day plant to be established.

AAA. TSX-FLWR CANNABIS producer based in BC, most popular cannabis products in BC government run Retail Cannabis shop, as well as TSE-CRON, Cronos, that had ALTRIA invest a few weeks ago.

AA. Z-DWT  roaring low cap, do your due diligence

AAAA.  T-WM secures gold deposit in Quebec in Detour Trend in Abitibi Area, historic drilling outlined deposit, do due dilligence.

AAAAA.  TWTR and MTCH with improved American economy, and TWTR President Trump platform  more ad generation, similarly MTCH with improved economy seeing more paid users and ad revenue from free versions.


lost $92 million, april 2018 report, mines Nickel, Cobalt, Gold, but owns the Dumont Nickel-Cobalt deposit in Quebec, permitted, shovel ready, "world's largest undeveloped Nickel - Cobalt resource", located in geopolitically safe Province of Quebec in Canada near USA border as located in southern Quebec very close to highways. Announced April 9, 2018, that studying use of Nickel-Cobalt sulphate produced at Dumont for direct shipment to battery makers of Electric Vehicles, see company news, $0.19, over 350 million shares issued.​

1. TMAC- TSX symbol TMR, huge Hope Bay Gold deposit, mining operation

2.American Manganese- TSX symbol AMY - Proprietary metallurgical process to extract Li and Co from old Lithium ion batteries, first trial extracted 100% Li and Co. CDN$0.10 (08/12/16 $0.24)

4. Metanor Resources-  TSX symbol- MTO   OTCBB- MEAOF new gold discovery south of its gold mine operation. Eric Sprott or Sprott Securities announced March 12, 2016, purchase of 7 million shares through TSX. Ground in Osisko Windfall Lake Gold Camp, including gold deposit, Sprott $7 million financing announced Feb. 15, 2017 

$0.03CDN  (08/16 $0.095)

5. Fiserv  - NASDAQ symbol -  FISV  

$87.53US  (08/16 $110.36)

6. APPLE - NASDAQ symbol- AAPL  

$96.96US  (08/16 $104.21)

7. Lake Shore Gold/ Tahoe Resources INC. - NYSE symbol TAHO gold producer and new gold discovery near gold mine and in historic Timmins gold district, nearby mine produced 18.0+ million ounces of gold. (08/16 $15.56)

​9. Aerovironment -- Q-AVAV   electric vehicle charging stations

​10. NETFLIX ----- Q-NFLX  studio locations worldwide, new original content, price increase of $2 per month. (08/12/16 $125.00+)

11. FORTIS ------ NYSE FTS   $11Billion merger, LNG energy, alternative energy possibilities.

​13. Comcast  ----- Q-CMCSA--- increased dividend and stock split, big wide entertainment net.

14. SNAP Inc --- Z- SNAP   snap chat app is main product, widely used, attempting to monetize

NYSE-STZ  several beer brands and liquor and 9.9% ownership of T-WEED Canada's largest legal medical marijuana producer and vendor of related products.

NASDAQ-MTCH  the online dating empire with apps and websites, growing market segment.

NYSE-  EL    Estee Lauder  $0.38 quarterly dividend, increase over 17% in sales for first 2018 quarter, reports increase in revenues, has acquired many up and coming makeup brands, also owns MAC, overall economic boom will see increase in beauty product sales.

1.    North American Palladium  T-PDL producing palladium mine, earned US$119 million, Platinum and Palladium upticking 2019-02, new highs on stock with only 54 million shares issued (acquired at $19+/share CDN by IMPALA mining of AFRICA in fall 2019)

1.A.  T-PZA  Pizza Pizza Royalty PAYS monthly CDN$0.0713 dividend, results for 2018 to be announced.

1.AA.  TSX-SUNM  Sun Metals exploring the Lustdust prospect hit new zones in fall 2018, TECK corp., re-entering junior financing with this company receiving financing from TECK, then SUNM merging with Lorraine copper which has other assets in area.