Durango TSX symbol DGO  OTC symbol ATOXF  claims adjacent to Nemaska Lithium proposed Lithium Mine with pegmatites, 2 million ounce silver project, gold adjacent NYSE symbol TAHO

Great Thunder Gold TSX symbol GTG adjacent Nemaska Lithium proposed Mine, with pegmatites

electric vehicle and Lithium related news:

Tesla teams up with Nordstrom to sell Model X June 14, 2016

Panasonic will team up with Beijing Automotive to manufacture electric vehicle parts in China June 12, 2016

Beijing records highest electric vehicle registrations June 11, 2016

Mercedes-Benz to launch all-new electric vehicle before 2020 June 11, 2016

LAPD will get 100 BMW i3 electric cars June 9, 2016

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BMW SA unveils solar carport charging for its electric car range May 23, 2016

Nissan says battery power could more than double in 10 years May 23, 2016

Volvo will build compact electric car in 2019, along with larger model May 23, 2106

LG & Iran To Cooperate On Electric Vehicles May 23, 2016

Richest Lithium Nation Risks Being Left Behind in Tesla-led Boom May 20, 2016

Dyson working on an electric car May 20, 2016

China Electric Vehicle Sales Are Exceeding All Expectations May 20, 2016

Ukrainian electric vehicle plans to conquer European mass market May 20, 2016

Germany giving 1 billion euros in electric vehicle subsidies May 15, 2016

Southern California Edison adding 1600 charging points to over 10,000, will add further 30,000 charging points May 15, 2016

EV Cars sales increase 35% year over year from April 2015 in France  May 14, 2016

The future runs on E - The Hindu - INDIA May 14, 2016

BMW 15% North America sales are electric vehicles May 14, 2106

Apple's $1 billion investment in chinese firm related to electric vehicle May 13, 2016

Apple icar rumors release information May 13, 2016

Dyson and UK with $1 billion UK investment patent new solid state battery for electric vehicles uses "metallic Lithium"  May 10, 2016

ALBEMARLE NYSE symbol ALB announces $2.02 earnings first quarter  May 10, 2016