Lease agreement in place, mining since 2002, majority or shipments to WA STATE USA purchaser.

less than 200,000 tons mined per year, less than 2 million tons mined to date.

Geological mapping and drill core logging indicate that an intensely altered 20 to 35 metres thick section of rhyolite (identified as white chalky geyserite) overlies a unit of less altered rhyolitic breccia. The white chalky geyserite is of primary economic interest because of its silica and alumina content. The white chalky geyserite is made up of interbedded units of flow banded rhyolite and coarse pyroclastic rocks.

Drilling in 1999, 2000 and 2003, totaling 46 drillholes, and surface assays indicate that 2 sub areas (Area A and B) contain a rough resource of about 5 million tonnes of material grading an average of 83.26 per cent SiO2, 12.90 per cent Al2O3 and 0.08 per cent SO3. A third area (Area C) lies between Areas A and B and may contain a rough resource of an additional 4 million tonnes of silica-rich geyserite but more detailed drilling is required to determine total tonnage and grades. Throughout the property a further 9 geyserite zones have been identified by geological mapping.