----TSX-GDM  deal in progression, Montreal securities Lawyer, added Professor of Geology who was integral to huge Eleonore conglomerate hosted gold mine discovery and development, added to deal as GDM closing conglomerate hosted 1900's hand mined gold mine with 10 historic adits.

------CSE-JJJ.X negotiating on Ground adjacent historic Quebec Lithium Deposit

=======CSE-GOR with niobium deposit in Quebec, 1 of 35  critical minerals on President Trump executive order of Sept. 30, 2020

--------------------------------------TESLA Battery day webcast  https://www.tesla.com/en_ca/2020shareholdermeeting

- Z-KCAC  is SPAC VW and Gates new battery startup to IPO thru KCAC, touts 15 minute charge and metallic Lithium battery rumored, plans veiled. 

------------------------------------------------------------Q=NKLA Chairman and founder resigns, Short group reported fraud and SEC investigating

----------------------------------CSE-GOR fraction ground surrounded by KDK, ground around KDK srilling area,

----------------------------------------Iron st 6 year highs

---TSX-QMX with 1,100+ meters average 1.48 g/t gold intercept, from 40+ meter depth, intrusive hosted gold. ELECTRASTONELTD.COM WITH historic 1977 and 1970 INTERCEPTS OF GOLD INTRUSIVE HOSTED never redrilled, Financing of 100 million share at 2 cents Canadian.

-----------------------------------------------Gold at all time highs,

---suspended www.electrastoneltd.com 100 million unit finaicing at CDN$0.02/unit, two historic hand mined gold mines in Canada.

---------TSX-DGO price runup on no volume due to gold alltime highs, BUT NO GOLD ASSETS, super short opportunity

---CSE-GPMi with ground adjacent BNCH, also TSK to north of BNCH

----Gold projects with news and drill results, TSX-BNCH, TSX-WM, TSX-AMX, TSX-FF, TSX-AZM,

-----------Gold projects with sporadic drilling results and recent financings, TSX-ENDR, TSX-MKR

------------super low grade gold deposits, TSX-BYN, Newmont owned TSX-GTT, TSX-SPA with new financings

-----------------TSX-BKM loses mining Lease in BC over Copper Gold deposit, no news announcing trades $1.50-2.50 range, huge short opportunity

---------------------IRON ORE price explodes to $112+/ tonne, Quebec iron deposits for sale, 50 billion tonnes total = $56 TRILLION VALUE

===============TSX-FD huge share cap, no assets, margining own share cap to move price from zero to over $20/share

--------------Q-TSLA announces agreement with GLENCORE for secured cobalt supply for batteries, Cobalt in the Lithium Manganite (Manganese) Nickel Cobalt battery, 


Not affiliated with President Trump, Trump 2020, Trump companies or foundations, nor the USA government, nor any other government, not affiliated with Republicans nor with Democrats


AAAAA.  TWTR and MTCH with improved American economy, and TWTR President Trump platform  more ad generation, similarly MTCH with improved economy seeing more paid users and ad revenue from free versions.

5. Fiserv  - NASDAQ symbol -  FISV  

$87.53US  (08/16 $110.36)

6. APPLE - NASDAQ symbol- AAPL  

$96.96US  (08/16 $104.21)

​10. NETFLIX ----- Q-NFLX  studio locations worldwide, new original content, price increase of $2 per month. (08/12/16 $125.00+)

11. FORTIS ------ NYSE FTS   $11Billion merger, LNG energy, alternative energy possibilities.

​13. Comcast  ----- Q-CMCSA--- increased dividend and stock split, big wide entertainment net.

14. SNAP Inc --- Z- SNAP   snap chat app is main product, widely used, attempting to monetize

NYSE-STZ  several beer brands and liquor and 9.9% ownership of T-WEED Canada's largest legal medical marijuana producer and vendor of related products.

NASDAQ-MTCH  the online dating empire with apps and websites, growing market segment.

NYSE-  EL    Estee Lauder  $0.38 quarterly dividend, increase over 17% in sales for first 2018 quarter, reports increase in revenues, has acquired many up and coming makeup brands, also owns MAC, overall economic boom will see increase in beauty product sales.



Q-TSLA  really, the only electric vehicle manufacturer with several new giga factories, semi-truck and cybertruck added to line of family sedans, model 3, model s, model x and the soon to be released model Y

Q-NKLA absorbing giant appetite for electric vehicles, and praying for another Q-TSLA winner.

2. Albemarle Corporation- symbol NYSE - ALB  western worlds Lithium supplier, however directors, officers and Law Firm anti Trump, best to short the company into oblivion, and then a pro-Trump entity step in and acquire, this from Globalist WIPO action in 2016, see images below, 

$49.01US (08/16 $84.17) (08/12/16 $92.00+)

3. Nemaska Lithium Inc.- symbol TSX -NMX   OTCBB- NMKEF $1.9Billion NPV on Lithium proposed mine   $0.46CDN  (08/16 $1.17)....update 2019-02-19...NMX with several strange news releases the past few weeks, first cafeteria burns down, attempts force majuer? now announces Livent/FMC advance and agreement for Lithium can't be honoured....

​4. Tesla Motors-  NASDAQ symbol - TSLA

$211.00US  (08/16 $234.79)

​​6. FMC Corp., NYSE-FMC, announced deal to purchase 8000 tonnes of Lithium Carbonate from T.NMX, deliverable in 2018, very aggressive mining company,  now FMC in the play---anything can happen.

TWITTER ---- TWTR    Trading at $20 range, higher traffic volumes due to President Trump daily, multi postings, should reflect in ad sales, business combination possibilities.