FOR SALE IN QUEBEC Listed below the news story from July 13, 2020 or financing for 12 well known iron deposits located in Quebec within 30km, 15 miles, 150km from port.

Financing to drill the 12 deposits to establish resource to 3 billion tonnes plus in size. Funding for mine development and for boring tunnel for rail to port. Drilling 1,000,000 meters, $160 million, mine permitting and mine construction  $12.5 billion, tunnel boring construction $55 billion, Port expansion $3.7 billion total financing for project $70.9 billion.

Brazilian mines from 200+km to 500+km from port, Australian mines +400km from ports.

Quebec iron will be stable source and close supply and will annihilate Brazilian and Australian iron ore supplies.

3 deposits within 8km, currently at 450+ million tonnes, holes ended in ore, partial exposed length of iron range drilled in those areas, an additional 3 surface deposits within 15km, then a further 6 deposits within 30km.

Port is deep port, located on Eastern coast of Quebec, can ship south to ports in USA for upcoming infra-structure projects.

Iron deposits sit on surface in "Labrador Trough", most have been drilled with holes ending in ore as drill size was NQ, and several of the 12 deposits drilled to 250 feet and still in ore. One hole drilled in 2012 on a new area of outcrop never drill tested, drilled vertically 137 meters, 452 feet, still in ore, average 37% iron.

The deposits have been known since the late 1940's, and drilled first in 1950's.

This is the first time in history one owner has consolidated these iron deposits.

​...Fe fines imported into Northern China were changing hands for $112.48 a tonne on Tuesday, up 22% since the start of the year.

China’s iron ore imports jumped 17% in June from the May total to hit the highest level since October 2017, according to customs data released overnight. 

Cargoes of the steelmaking ingredient totalled 101.7m tonnes last month compared to just over 87m tonnes in May, and up 35% from June 2019. For the first six months of 2020 shipments reached 547m tonnes, up 9.6% compared to 2019.


drill hole on a deposit non 43-101, 137 meters 37%+ Fe, drilled in 2012 

1.......   Lac Jeannine Mine, closed, produced 265 million tons iron ore, champion iron ore company had titles previously and drilled on the current titles for sale, historic drilling, more ore

 Historic deposits for sale from 110 million to 500 million tons, 25% Iron to over 35% Iron averages, hematite, specularite, Iron oxides, Labradour Trough best Iron in the World.

2.....   110 million tonnes average over 30%

​3......    250 million tonnes 32,7 % Fe et 2,21 % Mn

4......    ​114 million tonnes 24,0 % Fe, 1,50 % Mn

5.....  101 million tonnes over 30% Fe Lac Synclinal

6. ...   36 million tonnes over 30% Fe  lac Hematite Nord

7. .... 87.9 million tonnes over 30% Fe  lac Hematite Sud

8....... 11 million tonnes over 30% Fe Lac Junction

9...... 400 million tonnes over 30% Fe Gossan Hill

10.....  Central Quebec Lac Aubrey deposit 3 048 000 tonnes probable  àt 30 % Fe

11...... Manganite Deposit historic mine Quebec, Manganese drilled in 1940's, tonnage, high grade, and surface sections mined

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