Metanor produces gold in Quebec at its Bachelor Lake Mine and in March 2015, Metanor made a new discovery 1 kilometer south of the current production. News has evolved with current drilling of the new discovery so that the zone appears open in all directions and it continues to expand the discovery zone with latest news in December with more gold results announced. Continued drilling will have more announcements.

Continues to produce gold and has had announcements with new discovery area definition drilling,  it may be a takeover target of other mid tiered gold producers.

Big discovery has attracted big investors. Eric Sprott of Sprott Securities announced on March 12, 2016, that he acquired 7 million shares through the TSX stock exchange, and controls now, 30 million shares and 20 million warrants to purchase shares.

Durango Resources has ground adjacent to Metanor in the south, directly south of the producing mine, approximately 5km south, a few kilometres south of the new discovery area of Metanor.