1. Carlin type geology, historic hand mining in 1900's, 10 adits, historic gold values in historic reports. Easy Acess, Fortune Gold project. never reworked, no drilling, super large target, historic visual estimate from material and height of adits, 60 MILLION TO 500 MILLION tonnes.

2. Historic 2 gold intercepts 8km north of Timmins airport, 790 feet apart, never redrilled. Timmins always huge successes. Over 60 million ounces produced in Timmins and still 5 mines in Timmins!

3. Historic gold copper mine Quebec, 870,000 tonnes mine, 0.077 oz/t gold, 67 g/t silver, 0.68% copper.

​4. Historic gold mine British Columbia, first gold mine in British Columbia, mined upto 120,000 grams of gold.

5. several gold occurrences in Quebec, BC.

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Palladium Projects for sale in Quebec, from drilled zones 5 foot intercepts average 0.02oz/ton Palladium, 0.02oz/ton Platinum in early 1970's drilling, short 70 foot holes, 1km from outrop with Palladium, Platinum, Gold values.

Other projects with grab samples on surface in typical Palladium, Platinum geology. 11,000ppb Palladium surface grab sample. other projects with 3g/t Palladium, 1g/t Palladium, 1+g/t Palladium.

Ground adjacent Raglan Mines owned by Glencore, with surface grab samples Palldium rich, ground within 1.1km of Marathon Palladium Deposit.

Some with easy access, some in Northern Quebec.

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Gold Projects

In Timmins Ontario, 35km NW of historic Dome Mine that established the town of Timmins, over 23 million ounces gold produced from 1900's to 2016. This project 8km north of airport, 2 historic holes drilled in 1973 hit gold, 290 meters apart, perfect geologic host formation, no drilling completed since to twin holes and infill and step out drilling, perfect opportunity to find a deposit, possible mineable deposit, in Canada's most prolific gold producing area.

In B.C. the first gold mine in B.C, underground workings, never explored with drilling in mine area.

In B.C. historic gold mine with underground workings about 100km NE of above historic mine.

In Quebec, historic mine with reported gold in conglomerates, mined early 1900's, 10 hand mined adits, no work completed since.

In Quebec many high grade gold grab samples in nice geology with no further exploration. 81,800 ppb Gold.

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