T.NMX announced discovery of new Lithium zone, called Doris, September 13, 2016 and increasing expansion drilling. The new zone is adjacent the proposed open pit Lithium mine which is the world's 2nd largest Lithium deposit, behind Talison mines Greenbushes Lithium mine, both of which are Archean age. US Geological Survey paper 2013-1008, Archean Lithium Pegmatite deposits are huge worldwide, and occur in groups within 10 kilometers. 

FACT, T.NMX land position is only 3km by 3.5km in size, the deeper the long pegmatite deposit is mined the more lateral the mining operation has to grow. Also, the nature of the Lithium bearing pegmatite deposits worldwide is that multiple Lithium bearing pegmatites occur together, the majority of the area is covered by overburden not exposing the rocks. T.NMX recent discovery announced, the Doris zone, has been initial shallow intercepts below surface.